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BOOK3《Lesson 29: Don’t Smoke, Please!》教学设计

BOOK3Lesson 29: Dont Smoke, Please!》教学设计
Mastery words and expressions: ill, smoke, terrible, worse, rest, plenty, plenty of, allow, public, disease, against, habit, cause, cancer, wine
Oral words and expressions: beer, must be ill, feel terrible/bad, be bad for
Teaching Aims:
Knowledge aim:
1. Grasp the words and useful expressions.
2. Learn more about smoking
Ability aims:
1. Read and understand the dialgue
2.make your poster about smoking .
Emotion aims:
Help people keep healthy.
教学重难点Important Points: Some words and expressions about the disease.
Know how to keep healthy. 
Difficult Points: Help people keep healthy.
教学准备audiotape, flashcards, pictures
Step1.Warming up:
2. Free talk . Does your father smoke ?
           Is smoking good or bad for his health ?
           What do you say to him when he smokes ?
1. Have the students come to “Think about it”
Search more pictures to show the students how many pains have the diseases brought us.
Ask some students to answer the questions.
S1: When I eat too cold food, my stomach always hurts..
S2: When I have a fever, I know I have a cold.
S3: I have a headache when I wear fewer clothes in winter.
Step2:Learn by themselves
1.       New Words.
Read by themselves or ask for others help.
Correct their pronunciation
Step3. Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks
     1.___       isn’t in school today ?
2.Brian felt ____       on Monday .
3.Brian would like to make a poster about _____.
4.____      is bad for your heart .
5.Smoking can ____other people .
Step 4 .Read the dialogue and answer the following questions
1.    How long has Danny been away?
2.    What would Brian’s poster be about?
3.    What was wrong with their great grand father?
Step 5 .Sum up the phrases in this lesson
1be away ________
2) must be ___________
3) can’t be ___________
4) feel well/terrible /better _______
5) plenty of ______
6) would like to do sth _________
7) be bad for __________
8) No smoking /parking _________
9) stay/keep healthy____________
10) such as ___________
11)in public places __________
Step 6. Come to “PROJECT”.
Divide the class into groups of three or four to finish the task.
Make a poster to show the harm of smoking and drinking for people. Every group makes their posters and explains to the others what it means.
Put the posters up in the class. Every group sends a poster to the teachers in the school. Let all the teachers tell the students about the harm of smoking and drinking.
Step7 :Homework
1.    Do exercises.
2.    Preview Lesson 30
1Vegetables are good for our _______(health).
2) I’m not feeling ________(good) today .
3) ________ (smoke) is not allowed in some      public      places.
4) I would like ________(make ) a poster about _______(smoke).
5) A lot of ______(people ) smoke in the world
today .
6)Let’s help people stay ________(health).
板书设计Lesson29:Don’t Smoke, Please !
1be away
2) must be
3) can’t be
4) feel well/terrible /better
5) plenty of
6) would like to do sth
  7) be bad for
8)  No smoking /parking
9) stay/keep healthy
10) such as
11)in public places

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